Delivering Energy From The Best Source
Delivering Energy From The Best Source

About Us

SEG successfully hedges future energy costs by identifying, designing, implementing and managing comprehensive sustainable energy programs around the leading renewable energy, Ground Source Geothermal systems for utilities, energy managers and investors.


SEG's strategies includes the needed technical expertise throughout the energy stakeholder continuum within the developing and changing energy environment with the increased demands and reduced supply requiring SEG's proven comprehensive sustainable renewable storage, design, and engineering solutions for enterprise energy management.


The SEG team with its leading Groundsource Geothermal technical expertise has completed 4 of the world's largest projects inside of more than 200 projects of greater than 500 ton capacity in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, China and South Korea.


SEG's value proposition includes the foremost technical expertise, committed capital, industry board and senior management, local-regional-national government and regulatory, technological, manufacturing and needed qualified services relationships in order to function as prime contractor for all GroundSource Geothermal projects worldwide.

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